The top trillionaire banks in the world

1. The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)

Having its foundations laid in 1984, ICBC has outgrown and outperformed all banks in the world to be the world’s richest bank, solely in terms of assets. The current asset count is an astonishing 3.47 trillion, which mainly comes from the bank heavily investing in industry, whereas the credit is majorly provided to retail and manufacturing sectors. With its effective working policies and constant profit rise in every passing quarter, this bank shows no signs of stopping in the near future.



2. The China Construction Bank corporation (CCB)

One of the oldest banks in China, in terms of impact on the financial market, CCB ranks second in both the Chinese circuit, as well as the second position in the world market. With the value of assets currently standing at an approximate 3.02 trillion dollars, this bank shows that proper planning and effective implementation can lead to unparalleled results. Its investments are mainly in the field of constructions as can be seen in the name itself.



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