Tiger King’s Doc Antle Welcomed Beyonce and Mayweather in His Zoo

Netflix’s unexpected hit Tiger King has been enjoying a lot of media attention. There are many reasons why the show is so popular amongst the trades. Many celebrities are enjoying the documentary and have been paying visits to the wild animal refuge established and run by Doc Antle, the main star of the documentary.

The zoo has been quite popular amongst stars including Britney Spears whose love for the shelter for big cats was one of the driving forces behind the success of the TV show. It appears that many more celebrities were interested in visiting the zoo. For example, Beyonce cuddled with tiger cubs and even fed them.

Floyd Mayweather whose laid-back personality and explosive boxing match definitely correspond with the spirit of a tiger also visited the zoo alongside famous rapper Kevin Gates. Even YouTuber Paul Logan visited the shelter for wild animals featured in the Netflix documentary. 

The documentary itself is a very interesting story about the black market where big cats like tigers are sold. The show unveils the horrors of this business and shows many weird characters that were involved in trafficking and selling endangered species of cats. Many accusations were thrown in the general direction of Doc Antle. 

The creators of the documentary even accuse him of killing some cubs when they grew too big. His zoo was eventually raided by the police. However, the establishment is still up and running without any arrests. The owner of the zoo has been boasting about having many celebrities come to the zoo and spend time with big cats and other wild animals kept there.



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