Unknow secrets about Fanta that you might have not heard about

The story behind the name Fanta

There are quite a few contradictory tales behind this brand being named Fanta. According to one story, the name Fanta was suggested by Joe Knipp, a salesman in Max Keith’s (The branch head of Coca-Cola) team. Upon being told to come up with an imaginative and creative name, Joe Knipp came up with ‘Fanta’ based on the concept of ‘Fantasy’. But, the official story tells us something else. According to Coca-Cola, Fanta wasn’t named until it was officially released in 1995 in Italy. As a part of the marketing campaigns during the launch, a competition was conducted in which participants had to suggest innovative names for a citrus-flavored beverage. The word ‘Fanta’ was chosen as the winner and it was said to be based on the Italian word ‘fantasie’ which means ‘imagination’.


The original flavor of Fanta

Fanta was developed originally at the time of the Second World War when there was a scarcity of food as well as money everywhere. In order to make the best of what they had and come up with a sustainable new beverage, Fanta was originally made from the flavor derived from wasted food of different food industries. So, the original flavor of Fanta was something similar to the concoction derived from the mixture of mashed apples, ores, fibers, and cores, which was then salvaged with fruit shavings and beet sugars. And let’s face it, it was gross.



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