Want to visit Wonderland? Well, now you can only look at photos of its remains and listen to the sad story of this Chinese Disneyland.

If you take a 45-minute trip out of Beijing, you will come to a vast (about 100 acres) area that was supposed to be a great park designed in line with Disney World theme – Wonderland. Its developers had very ambitious plans concerning this Chinese Disneyland to be the most outstanding theme park not only in China but throughout Asia as well.

Unfortunately, the local government offered extremely low prices for the land and farmers’ property located on it. Therefore, farmers refused to sell their land. Thus, in 1998 developers had to stop further erecting Wonderland. Ten years later they made their second attempt to finish this much-profit-promising theme park. But again, they didn’t come to an agreement with local farmers and abandoned it forever.

VISIT WONDERLAND: Creepy Abandoned Chinese Disneyland

This was the way how supposed-to-be popular Wonderland turned into actual wasteland. For a long time, it stood with cornfields as its only neighbors and bushes growing through it and feeling its power against these crumbling and collapsing structures of the castle and its infrastructure. No one cared for this abandoned Chinese Disneyland except local farmers. But they worked so hard in their cornfields and had so little time for Wonderland.

Eerie but beautiful, Wonderland attracted local children to have fun and photographers to shot. For example, David Gray, Reuters photographer, took a really ridiculous picture of farmers tilling with a castle on the background. On the background that exemplifies waste of money and resources multiplied on farmers’ uprooting worries.

VISIT WONDERLAND: Creepy Abandoned Chinese Disneyland

You may ask about the fate of this Chinese Disneyland. Then, we will tell you about its new owners who demolished almost all its remains in 2013. At this site, they constructed an outlet mall, The Badaling Outlets, which has been operating since 2015.

However, in 2016 Oliver Smith, a successful writer and photographer, managed to take a picture of one castle that survived and even seemed to be painted. If you are really interested in Wonderland, you can visit Smith’s website and get the route to the place.

VISIT WONDERLAND: Creepy Abandoned Chinese Disneyland



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