Weird jobs from celebrities’ past

1. Deceased-oriented Hairstylist Danny DeVito

Now Danny DeVito doesn’t seem to have any passion for any hairs, including his own. However, there were times when his life was connected with this stuff. Yes, you may be delighted to know he worked as a hairstylist. Moreover, you may even be shocked to find out who he served! Can you guess? We can bet you never suggest these were dead people!


2. Clown Hugh Jackman

Before Hugh Jackman became so famous, he had less prestigious and, of course, less paid jobs. For example, it was such jobs as a P.E. teacher and gas station attendant. Not mention the period when he worked as a clown entertaining guests at various events.

We don’t know why, but Jackman kept his teaching experience in secret. Perhaps, he still wouldn’t publicize this, but it occurred one of his former students contacted him when Hugh attended one of his numerous red-carpet events.



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