Zara Holland of Love Island Will Volunteer to Fight the Coronavirus

So many news stories nowadays are all about the current SARS Cov-2 outbreak and how celebrities are dealing with the sudden restrictions. Some are trying their best to cope with the situation, others are diving deep into creative processes, and there are many who just complain. Well, we have a very good story that is wholesome and matters for once.

There is nothing wrong with trying to either entertain your audience or even complaining about the horrors of the necessity to stay home. However, there are stars and celebrities that are actually trying to help the world in every way they can. It certainly does not immediately turn them into heroes, but such initiatives are more than welcome.

The star of Love Island Zara Holland recently announced that she will help the national health care system in the UK fight off the epidemic. Now, more than ever, we need to support each other and all the governmental efforts to stop the spread of the disease.

Zara Holland signed up to become a volunteer as some 40 thousand other Brits amidst the epidemic that is currently terrorizing Europe. She also urged other people to sign up and do their part. The NHS officials pleaded to the population of the country saying that all young and healthy individuals should become volunteers and help the country fight the virus.

The move by Zara definitely attracted a lot of attention and praise from both medical professionals and fans. Some of them supported the celebrity by saying that more people should follow her lead. Many fans expressed their intentions to sign up to be volunteers as well. 

The sad part about this story is that many people are very suspicious of the government that basically wants more people to come and work for free amidst one of the most dangerous biological threats of all time. At the same time, there is a lot of uncertainty in regards to the virus and its pathogenic nature.

Despite the doubts, Zara Holland decided to join first-responders. She also explained her motivation and told the press that she has been a worker of a boutique for a decade. The current epidemic is threatening to destroy some of the smaller businesses. Her desire to be amongst those will try to stop the pandemic as fast as possible is understandable.

Let’s hope that we will hear more stories like this from other celebrities.



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